Sunday, April 1, 2007


What a ride! I have created both a gmail and yahoo email address, and gone through all the tasks. Here is my summary:

1.What was the most important thing that you learned? Why?
These exercises confirmed something I knew: that there is a lot to explore on the Internet and that I’ll never have time to do it all. It is, however, worth taking the time to find out some new things and see what others a “abuzz” about.
2. What was most challenging? Why?
The most challenging for me was trying to turn off the popup blocker so I could get AIM to work. The other most challenging part was finding time to do this. I ended up doing most of it at home.
3. How can PVLD use these technologies to deliver or improve library services? I’ve mentioned several of these ideas in my other posts. Just being aware of what is out there is also important. Also, giving yourself the confidence that you can do these things is helpful too.
4. How successful was the “self-directed” learning model? Is this a useful way of encouraging staff development?
I thought it worked very well although again it is difficult to do at work, especially for some positions that have less quiet unscheduled time away from the public at a desk with a computer. (difficult to find when you work in a library!)

My Space

Well, now I've done it. Never thought I'd join this group.

My url

Couldn't find any graduates of my high school, which was torn down a few years ago, but did find both my daughters.

There are some good things and some cautions about this online community. I like that there are many privacy blocks you can use but the balance between wanting your name to be your name and not wanting everyone on the internet to have your name... On the other hand, I know several people who have found long lost friends via my space.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

I've done lots of committee work sending email documents back and forth but this is even better! You don't have to worry about the email getting lost and if you alone are working on something you can do it anywhere--even at the library and not have to worry about a "device" to save the information onto or carry around with you (or about viruses).

You Tube Videos

I watched two otters floating on their backs in their "zoo" pool holding hands.

Posted a comment wondering what they are thinking about the humans watching them. Another secret of the sea!

Friday, March 23, 2007

AIM Exercise

I had to try three computers in order to get signed up on AIM. Pop up blockers and "de-blockers" didn't seem to work very well. Finally I tried the graphics computer at PVLD. Now I can get it to work! When I sent a message to PVLD2007 I received a reply that PVLD2007 was signed out.

My daughter used AIM a lot at one point and some of her friends were always on IM. I know a few adults who communicate with distant friends this way too, or even do "business" via im-ing. It can be addictive!

Friday, March 16, 2007


I have used Wikipedia before to learn about a number of topics. It's a lot of fun to explore this online encyclopedia that is user-written. My username is Prairiechick and I edited a sentence or two on PVLD page for grammar. One needs a bit of caution, however, when using Wikipedia. It might be a good idea to research your question from other sources also but that's the case with most research. What a great tool for the surfing public, though!

Southern California Sunset

A walk on a southern California beach at sunset. What better way is there to end the day! If you click on the red "X" it will take you to my flickr foto.